About Us

Preparing students for careers and industries of the future

Our Design Thinking Model

The Gippsland Tech School is committed to challenging students to take charge of their learning and to push themselves to reach their full potential. To achieve this goal, we have developed a Teaching and Learning Framework to support our partner schools to understand how we can positively impact key educational goals, including the Framework for Improved Student Outcomes (FISO) and amplifying the voice of students in the design and implementation of experiences and curriculum at the Tech School.

The framework is based on the Design Thinking pedagogical model and we are committed to supporting educators and students in Gippsland to experience this innovative model in a practical hands-on approach. Our Teaching and Learning Framework has been developed in consultation with our stakeholders with guidance from the Gippsland Tech School advisory committee.

Our vision—

Preparing students for careers and industries of the future

Our values


We are committed to supporting students through connections with industry and future careers in Gippsland.


Create learning experiences that promote curiosity and exploration using cutting-edge technologies and innovative facilitation styles


Co-design Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) learning programs with industry, community, and schools to support real-world learning experiences for students


Demonstrate new and innovative practices in all of our engagements to promote a culture of ‘risk-taking’ within our networks

Our objectives

Industry and Community—

Linking careers and industry to Gippsland students

Innovation and Technology—

Connecting students to new and emerging technologies

Influencing Gippsland Education—

Being an agent to inspire change and innovation


Inspire students to be curious learners

Professional Learning and Teacher Development—

Valuing collaboration to share experience and learning

Careers and Aspirations—

Introduce students to careers, aspirations and pathways to success in Gippsland

Want to know more about our vision and objectives? Download our strategic plan.