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This program is for students in years 8 and 9, interested in engineering, automotive and physics.

Week 1 (03rd Feb): The History of the motor car. Where to now?

Week 2 (17th Feb): New forms of energy – activities with wind and solar energy. **Cancelled due to the Victorian Government Lockdown restrictions.**

Week 3 (03rd Mar): Making a rubber band or mousetrap powered car.

Week 4 (17th Mar): Driverless vehicles. Coding a robotic car.

Week 5 (31st Mar): Drones – the transport of the future?

Where to for the motor car? The first automobiles appeared over 120 years ago. With the availability of cheap fossil fuels car engine design has not changed significantly in this time. With new challenges in phasing out fossil fuels what will the motor car of the future look like?

Students will explore renewable energy sources to replace fossil fuels, electric powered cars, new fuels such as hydrogen, driverless cars, and drones as a means of transport. They will investigate new ideas for motor car design. Student activities will include:

• Experiments with wind and solar power

• Making a solar powered car

• Design and manufacture of a rubber band powered car

• Production of hydrogen and using a hydrogen fuel cell

• Coding an autonomous car

• Drones as a means of transport

Registration is required to attend this event.

For more information please contact [email protected]

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