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Students will construct 3D shapes to produce a “Soma Cube” using Tinkercad.


This algorithmic challenge is targeted at students in year levels 5 – 6 and must be attending a Victorian Government school. The program will run over 3 sessions and attendance at all 3 sessions is required to complete the project:

Tuesday 22 March 2022

Tuesday 29 March 2022

Tuesday 5 April 2022

Students will learn the concepts of producing 3D shapes using Tinkercad and provide them with a way of creating and building 3D designs, such as Soma Cube pieces.

Students will build the pieces required to complete a Soma Cube, whilst learning basic controls of Tinkercad. They will learn how to build, colour, label, rotate and move the seven different pieces to be able to assemble a completed Soma Cube.

Extension activities will also be included such as:

  • Having students complete a “Student Design Challenge” where they will have the opportunity to design their own shapes using their seven 3D pieces and challenge each other to recreate them.
  • Having the option of 3D printing their model(s) using other external online services.


Students will need to log in/sign up for a free account using Tinkercad

This will offer the students an easy way to build the Soma Cube pieces.

Whilst building the pieces, students will also have the opportunity to learn the basic controls of Tinkercad.

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