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Investigate the science of climate change to appreciate the challenges & difficulties encountered in finding solutions for the future.


This program is targeted at students in year levels 7 – 10.


This program will help students gain an understanding of the science behind “climate change” and enable them to make informed comments and decisions relating to solutions for the future.

Program Outline:

Students will discuss what ‘climate change’ means to them and what their concerns for the future are.

A short quiz will be used to gain insight into students’ understanding and concerns. An interactive presentation on the science of the Greenhouse effect will follow and an online experiment will be completed to demonstrate simple heat flow processes.

The role of CO2 will be discussed and students will look at proposed solutions such as replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources.

Models of Wind Turbines and Solar panels will be investigated via online experiments and a demonstration of hydrogen production will be shown.

The feasibility of replacing fossil fuels with 100% renewable sources will be investigated quantitatively – some maths will be involved!


Students will require a computer

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