Frequently asked questions

Each Tech School is managed collectively by a partnership comprised of local schools, local government, the TAFE and local industry, but the facilities and resources are solely located on the Federation Training premises.

By positioning the Tech School on the TAFE premises, the aim is to introduce students to the tertiary education environment and smooth their pathway options into post-secondary education and training.

The Gippsland Tech School is built on three principles:

  1. To strengthen employability skills
  2. To link today’s students with tomorrow’s jobs
  3. A model that is inspired by success

Research has shown the growth areas of the Gippsland region are food and fibre, health, new energy and advanced manufacturing. The curriculum at the Gippsland Tech School will reflect these growth regions and help give students the skills they need for the jobs of the future.

It is part of the Labor Government’s plan to boost performance in STEM subjects, including a 25 per cent increase in the number of Year nine students reaching the highest level of achievement in maths and 33 per cent more 15-year-olds reaching the highest levels in science.

Yes. As part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to creating the Education State, this initiative will invest $125 million to creating 10 high-tech centres across Victoria.

Unfortunately not. The curriculum is designed for secondary school students.

No. Tech School operate differently from traditional technical schools and secondary colleges and therefore students are only enrolled in their home school.

Gippsland Tech School will have a local industry focus on grown areas within the area (food and fibre, health, new energy and advanced manufacturing) and the curriculum has been designed to allow students to work on real-life problems provided by industry and use the latest technologies to come up with solutions.

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