Paul Boys
Paul BoysDirector
Paul Boys is a professional educator with more 20 years of experience in education management, teaching and industry engagement in both regional and City colleges. Paul has been responsible for the Management of a regional TAFE Campus for the past 5 years and he sits on a number of committees and boards as detailed below:

South Gippsland and Bass Coast Local Learning and Employment Network (SGBCLLEN): Deputy Chair
Bass Coast Shire Council Education Reference Group: TAFE Representative
Korumburra Secondary College: School Council President
Hallora Junior Football Club: Committee Member
Paul has received validation of his professional knowledge and experience with him being awarded the following fellowships to research pedagogy and practice in a Secondary School and VET environment:

2014 ISS Fellowship: International Research into strategies employed to improve retention rates for apprentices in regional and remote communities
2016 Churchill Fellowship (To be completed): International Research to investigate models that encourage young people to remain connected to formal schooling whilst completing a traineeship/apprenticeship

Above all Paul is passionate about providing opportunities for all young people to achieve their best and support them to continue their learning journey from Secondary Schooling to TAFE/University and employment.

Dan Farrant
Dan FarrantLead Curriculum Teacher
Dan is a multipotentialite with a wide range of interests and experiences. He travelled to England to start his working life in intellectual disability care before returning to Australia to study a double degree in Law (honours) and Business (Event Management). At the conclusion of this study he switched again to join the first cohort of the Teach for Australia (TFA) program, a program aimed at tackling socio-economic disadvantages in education, one of his passions. This saw him placed at Traralgon College (TC) where he began his teaching career. Upon finishing his time with TFA Dan chose to remain in Traralgon and became a Leading Teacher (Year Level Leader) at TC. During his time in this role he supported and led the introduction of a number of new initiatives including the Learning Communities model, a Response to Intervention literacy program, and improved transition processes.

In 2017 Dan changed roles to become the Digital Learning Technology Leader, leading the construction and implementation of a Digital Learning Hub at TC. In this role he introduced a range of new technologies to classrooms including 3d printing, robotics, and drones, as well as introducing a Tech Week challenge to year 7 and 9.

In his personal life Dan is always looking for something new to keep him occupied. He enjoys working on 3d printing, laser engraving, and currently spends a large amount of time building, flying, and (regularly) crashing stunt drones.

 Jacqueline Wilson
Jacqueline WilsonSolutions Architect
1 part chatterbox; 1 part innovator; 2 parts geek; 3 parts artist; 100% a creative logic.

“I noticed technology in education though was alarmed by the lack of education in technology …I decided ten years ago to be the change I wanted to see…work in progress.” – me

A short story – Just the other day I had a 2-minute convo across a desk and learnt that HDPE or LDPE plastic bags melted and mixed with paraffin wax make machinable wax that can be milled using a CNC machine. Walking to get a morning coffee, another 2 minutes convo, I learnt I could make a simulated hologram using my phone and a few cleverly cut pieces of recycled plastic, in another 5 minutes I knew how by the end of my working day I knew I had found a place I wanted to work …Gippsland Tech School.

PS: A week after learning how to use my phone as a holographic projector I discovered it was possible to project over half a billion points of light every second into physical volumetric space. A rendered geometry can then be sliced up into hundreds of digital horizontal cross sections, then projected synchronously onto a specially designed high-speed reciprocating screen. As the photons of light hit the screen, they are diffused and form a physical cross-sectional image at precisely the right place in physical space, the result and most important bit…I can create a holographic flying dragon for mine and your viewing pleasure… Voxons VX1 is now a part of the Tech School.

Warren Stannard
Warren StannardFacilitator
Warren always wanted to be a teacher. However, his interest in motorbikes and racing cars inspired him to study mechanical engineering and eventually set up his own business building turbo-charged engines for rally cars.

After selling the business, he went back to university to study science, majoring in physics, at Monash in Churchill. His interests then eventually led to the completion of Masters by Research in opto-electronics and then a PhD in Nuclear Physics. He worked as a research scientist at CSIRO for many years and then as a lecturer in Physics and Engineering at various universities in Melbourne. Warren also obtained a Diploma of Education and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and has delivered lectures in Engineering Physics, Machine Dynamics, Thermodynamics, Materials Science and Engineering Design.

Recently, Warren has worked in Physics education, being involved in the ‘Einstein-First’ project at the University of Western Australia where he endeavoured to introduce modern or ‘Einsteinian’ Physics to the High School Science curriculum. He also worked as the science education officer at the Gravity Discovery Centre in Gingin, WA.

In 2018 Warren joined the team at Gippsland Tech School as a teacher.

In his spare time Warren is a jazz drummer.

Jess Cook
Jess CookFacilitator
Having worked as a Physiotherapist since 2003, Jess went on to study education completing a Masters of Secondary Education degree through Federation University. Her teaching areas focus on Health and Science, and the Gippsland Tech School has allowed her to combine these two passions.

“I get excited about learning new things and love to see the enthusiasm in students as they experience the advanced tech on offer here at the Tech School. I’m learning so much about the applications of technology in the world of health and movement.
The testing and analysis equipment we have here is also used in some of the top sporting facilities in Australia. How lucky are we to experience it here in Morwell!”

Through her studies and working life, Jess has travelled and worked in several places including Vietnam, England, Europe and Thailand. She is curious about different attitudes to health and exercise around the world and interested in working with students on innovative ways to promote active and healthy lifestyles.

Jess is developing programs to explore movement using motion capture and is interested in ways to combine technology and health. She hopes to inspire girls to get excited about STEAM based subjects and feel more confident to pursue careers in STEAM.

In her spare time, Jess enjoys surfing and relaxing with her family on their farm in Gippsland.

Jo Hopwood
Jo HopwoodAdministrator
Jo is our Administration guru and brings to the Gippsland Tech School a career spanning over 20 years in Customer Service including over 15 years in Administration roles within the Financial Services Industry.

Jo grew up in Gippsland but her intrepid nature has seen her travel all over Australia and the World including Europe, Central America, and the Pacific Islands. In 2017 she fulfilled her lifelong dream of travelling to Africa where she experienced its natural wonders, amazing wildlife and was fortunate enough to interact with the local people and culture.

Jo says, “even though Education is free in many African countries, resources are extremely limited, everyday items like pens and notepads are considered a luxury, so many children get excited when they receive these. The technology that our students at the Gippsland Tech School get to experience is worlds away from anything imaginable to the children in 3rd World countries. We are extremely fortunate to have access and have a hands on experience to the latest innovative technologies and I’m excited to be a part of that.”

In her spare time, Jo enjoys honing her photography skills.