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3D Modelling and Design

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Course details

3D Modelling and Design

INDUSTRY FOCUS AREA: Advanced Manufacturing
VICTORIAN CURRICULUM LINKS: Mathematics, Design and Digital Technologies, Critical and Creative Thinking, and Digital Technologies
TECHNOLOGY USED: iPads, Lego, Virtual Reality

The world of digital design is is opening up to students due to new 3D printing technologies and user-friendly software. Students interested in design, artists, architects or engineers,  will need to understand 3D modelling software to get ahead. The ideas you have won’t go far without the right tools. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a great idea that you can’t turn into a model. 3D models engage your audience and help them see your ideas and designs. Affordable 3D printers allow your ideas and designs to be translated into real models.

Program Summary
In this program, students will be presented information from a ‘client’ who requires a solution to a need. They will use the Design Thinking process to create a piece that could be used to solve the practical problem that they have identified. They will sketch and model their solution, adjusting as necessary. They will then design and “manufacture” their product using the virtual sculpting or painting software.


Career Links:
Designers: Architects, Artisans, Draftspersons, Technologists, Engineers