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Biomechanics and Human Movement

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Course details

Biomechanics and Human Movement

INDUSTRY FOCUS AREA: Exercise Science, Health Science.
VICTORIAN CURRICULUM LINKS: VCE PE Unit 1 – Area of Study 1, Unit 3 – Area of Study 1
TECHNOLOGY USED: Motion Capture Technology, Movement Analysis Equipment, Wearable Technology

Professionals working in health and exercise science rely on accurate data to analyse human movement in detail. High quality biomechanical analysis can improve performance in athletes, reduce the risk of injury, enable more efficient movement patterns, and assist people with movement difficulties to move with more freedom.

Program Summary
This program will give insight into advanced technology used at an elite level to analyse human movement. Students will experience motion capture technology using the Xsens suit and use the associated software to analyse captured movement in detail. Students will review kinetic concepts of human movement using speed gates and a digital jump mat. Video analysis will support student learning of biomechanical principles as they record, review, and analyse specific movements in the class.

Taking part in this program, students will collaboratively:

  • Learn about different ways technology can be used to test human movement
  • Collect and interpret data using motion capture, video, and sensors
  • Apply collected information and knowledge to real life contexts


Career Links:
Physiotherapist, Sports Scientist, Prosthetist, Bio-mechanist, Exercise Physiologist.