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VO2 Max Testing

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Course details

VO2 Max Testing

INDUSTRY FOCUS AREA: Exercise Science, Health Science.
VICTORIAN CURRICULUM LINKS: VCE PE UNIT 1 – Area of Study 2, UNIT 3 – Area of Study 2
TECHNOLOGY USED: Cosmed K5 Portable VO2 Max Testing Equipment, Omnia Analysis Software, Heart Rate Monitors, Virtual and Mixed Reality.

Understanding how the cardiovascular and respiratory systems work together to meet the demands of the body during exercise is critical to evaluating fitness and performance, particularly at elite levels of sport. The VO2 max test give accurate information on physiological changes during exercise and is an effective way to test cardiorespiratory fitness.

Program Summary
In this program, students will undertake or observe a VO2 max test using industry standard testing equipment. Students will evaluate the data obtained by the test to understand the changes that occur in the body during intense exercise, and how this information can be useful to athletes.

Taking part in this program, students will collaboratively:

  • Learn about the VO2 max cardiorespiratory fitness test
  • Collect and interpret data using Omnia software to analyse physiological results
  • Discuss and present their understanding using a video recording


Career Links:
Physiotherapist, Sports Medical Professionals, Exercise Physiologist, Sports Scientist, Health Professionals