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Digital Skills In Agriculture

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Course details

Digital Skills In Agriculture

INDUSTRY FOCUS AREA: Electronics in Agriculture
VICTORIAN CURRICULUM LINKS: Critical and Creating Thinking, Digital Technologies, Science
TECHNOLOGY USED: iPads, TinkerCAD software

Careers in agriculture are not restricted to traditional farmers. With decreased availability of arable land due to urban sprawl and population growth, there is increasing pressure to grow, feed, and clothe people on a smaller footprint. This program introduces students to technology-based careers in the agricultural and horticultural sectors and encourages them to think of innovative ways to solve problems currently faced by farmers.

Program Summary
In this program, students will be introduced to the use of sensor technologies in Agriculture and will create and test simple sensors (years 7-8), or complex sensors (years 9-10) in an online platform.

Career Links: Electronic Engineering Technicians, Electronics, Engineers