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Drones in Media Production

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Course details

Drones in Media Production

VICTORIAN CURRICULUM LINKS: VCE Media Unit 4 – Area of Study 1

Please note: this program is designed to be run on-site at a partner school where a safe flying area is available.

Remotely piloted aircraft (commonly referred to as drones) are a technology that are becoming more common across a wide range of industry areas. The increasing ability for drones to carry heavier and more sophisticated camera equipment is also increasing their utility in a range of media applications. However, because of the ease of acquiring and putting a drone in the air, there are a range of legal restrictions and implication to using drones that are often overlooked by novice pilots. A knowledge of how to use a remotely piloted aircraft legally and safely is vital for anyone considering using drones in their media projects.

Program Summary
Students will start by learning the current requirements for operating a drone in Australia. This will focus on the requirements for obtaining an Operator Accreditation and the Standard Operating Conditions. At the conclusion of this, students should have the knowledge required to successfully pass the Operator Accreditation test.
Students will then learn how to pilot a drone using line of sight in an indoor environment before moving to a large outdoor area where they can practice piloting a larger, camera carrying drone.

Please note; external testing is required to obtain a licence.

Taking part in this program, students will collaboratively:

  • Learn the Standard Operating Conditions
  • Learn how to obtain an Operator Accreditation
  • Learn how to safely pilot a drone


Career Links:
Photographer, Videographer, Real Estate, Surveyor, Chief Pilot, RPA Pilot