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9 - 10


1 Day



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INDUSTRY FOCUS AREA: Advanced Manufacturing
VICTORIAN CURRICULUM LINKS: Science, Digital Technologies
TECHNOLOGY USED: Virtual Reality, Digital Circuits, Physical Circuits, Microcontrollers

Electricity surrounds us every day. We use electricity to light, heat, and cool our homes, to charge our devices, and increasingly in transportation. An understanding of electricity and the interaction of different components helps us to understand the world around us. Understanding how electricity works can also help reduce waste by fixing, rather than throwing, our electronics. The field of electrical work is a wide one and developing skills in this area can lead to a range of career opportunities for students.

Program Summary
The program will begin by reinforcing students’ understanding of the relationship between amps, volts and resistance and how they interact within a circuit. They will then learn about creating circuits in a safe virtual environment. This will allow students to experiment with different components and break parts, without any real-world consequence. Students will also be introduced to microcontrollers and how to use sensors and different outputs to add functionality to their circuits. The final part of the day will see students apply this knowledge by using Design Thinking to take on a real-world challenge from an industry partner.

Taking part in this program, students will collaboratively:

  • Build their understanding of volts, amps, and resistance
  • Construct simple circuits
  • Add functionality to circuits using microcontrollers
  • Break down real-world challenges using Design Thinking


Career Links:
Electrical Engineer, Electrician, Electrical Technician, Plant Operator