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Everyday Maths

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Course details

Everyday Maths

VICTORIAN CURRICULUM LINKS: Mathematics, Personal & Social Capability, Critical & Creating, Thinking, Design and Technologies, Music
TECHNOLOGY USED: Robots, jumping mats, laser cutter.

Mathematics is not just an abstract activity, but is present in everyday activities and is a useful tool to understand the world around us. Mathematics is everywhere – it can be used to analyse data, identify and predict patterns, and is a vital tool in developing problem-solving skills. It is an indispensable tool in many professions – engineers and scientists could not operate without it; it is important for chefs, chemists, builders, accountants, and nearly every profession one could imagine.

Program Summary
Students will investigate mathematical principles in a range of practical activities. They will partake in experiments of collecting and analysing data. They will create mathematical models of real-world data and use these models to predict outcomes. Activities will involve robots and autonomous vehicles, sports equipment, model cars on an inclined track, measuring temperature and heat loss, music scales and sound frequency, and laser cutting shapes and determining geometrical properties.

Taking part in this program, students will collaboratively:

  • Conduct experiments and collect data
  • Analyse and graph real world data
  • Create mathematical models to describe observed phenomena
  • Use design thinking principles to design and carry out their own experiments
  • Reflect on learning

Career Links:
Artisans: machine operators, electricians, carpenters, chefs etc.
Designers: architects, draftspersons
Engineers: civil, construction, electrical, mechanical
Scientists: chemists, physicists, biologists, sports scientists, environmental scientists.
Professionals: accountants, sports coaches, health care etc.