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Extended Reality Content Design

Year level

9 - 10


1 Day



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Course details

Extended Reality Content Design

INDUSTRY FOCUS AREA: Advanced Manufacturing, Health, Food and Fibre, New Energy
VICTORIAN CURRICULUM LINKS: Digital Technologies, Visual Communication Design, Media Arts, Visual Arts
TECHNOLOGY USED: Virtual Reality Headset, Microsoft HoloLens, iPad, Smart Glass, Merge Cube

Imagine you are a service technician. During a maintenance task, you use your iPad to scan an AR (augmented reality) code from a machine and see 3D-animated KPIs through your display. Next, you use your MR (mixed reality) glasses to repair a complex item of machinery by video-calling an expert, who sends animated 3D hologram instructions on to your device. The next day, using a headset, you undergo safety training and certification in a VR (virtual reality) simulation program. For many of our students this could represent a standard working week. Careers in XR (extended reality) across a broad range of industries is a feature in the future world of work.

Program Summary
Students will use technologies to achieve an Extended Reality outcome. They will explore virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality as an instrument to enhance real world scenarios and learn about how extended reality technologies fit as a tool for industry and community. Taking part in the program will expose students to a wide range of processes and technologies used in the creation of content for Extended Reality outcomes in both industry and community.

Taking part in this program, students will collaboratively:

  • Create an augmented reality story
  • Meet a design brief using virtual reality
  • Digitally manipulate text, images, and soundscapes


Career Links:
XR Developer, Software Engineer, UI (user interface) Artist, AR Implementation Engineer