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Flat Pack Furniture Challenge

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9 - 10


2 Days



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Course details

Flat Pack Furniture Challenge

INDUSTRY FOCUS AREA: Advanced Manufacturing
VICTORIAN CURRICULUM LINKS: Design Technology, Digital Technologies, English, Mathematics,
TECHNOLOGY USED: CAD, laser cutting, Augmented Reality

The ability to interact with clients, to work within guidelines, and communicate ideas are employable skills that will always be in demand. Industries are looking for people who can take on challenges and find innovative solutions, iteration ideas to meet the desired outcomes. With the increase of online purchasing, businesses are often looking for ways to reduce the cost of transport and shipping. One common way to do this is to use flatpacks. These are packs that ship the components of an item in flat boxes that can then be assembled by the purchaser. IKEA are one of the most famous users of this method but there are many others.

Program Summary
In this program students will use the Design Thinking Process to design a piece of flat pack furniture and create a marketing strategy to sell their design. Students will be presented with a design challenge from a customer from which they will need to identify the design requirements. They will use CAD software to design their product before making a model of their design using the laser cutter. Students will design, test, and iterate multiple times through the project. Students will then design a campaign to market and sell their product focusing on the use of new digital technologies.

Taking part in this program, students will collaboratively:

  • Identify design parameters and constraints
  • Use industry level design software to create a model of their designs
  • Evaluate their work against client requirements
  • Market their product using digital marketing tools


Career Links:
Artisans: Carpenter, Machinery Operator, Manufacturing
Designers: Architect, Industrial Engineer, Draftsperson
Generators: Sales Representative, Retail Supervisor, Entertainer