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Future Transportation

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Course details

Future Transportation

INDUSTRY FOCUS AREA: Advanced Manufacturing, New Energy
VICTORIAN CURRICULUM LINKS: Design and Technologies, Personal and Social Capability, Critical and Creative Thinking, Mathematics, Science
TECHNOLOGY USED: iPad, Fuel cells and Electronics, Robotics

You leave your home, walking past the garage where your electric hoverbike is safely stored, ready for the weekend, and climb into your transport pod. Sitting in your seat, the electric engine comes to life and a notification reaches your phone to tell you that it will 9 minutes to reach work as the pod attaches to the magnetic rail, lining up with others just like it. Behind and underneath you, the hydrogen tank hisses as the fuel cell sucks in air to start a reaction that keeps your battery charged. You sit back, messaging your friends and listening to music as the pod crosses beneath a hypertrain tube, choosing a speed and route that will get to your destination with the least amount of time, fuel, cost, and damage to the environment.

Program Summary
Students will explore technologies that are being developed for both personal and public transport, and the potential implications of these technologies on climate change, traffic congestion, and employment. Students will develop an understanding of the engineering and science behind transport innovations such as self-driving cars and autonomous vehicles, alternative fuels, design safety, and efficiency. They will then put those developed skills and understandings to use as they create their own solution to problems of sustainability and traffic congestion, linking them to current and future employment opportunities.

Taking part in this program, students will collaboratively:

  • Explore new engines and fuels being developed for the current market
  • Test safety and efficiency of designs in simulations
  • Create an autonomous system that can communicate across vehicles
  • Design an autonomous and/or sustainable solution to a real-world transportation issue

Careers links:
Mechanic, Vehicle Electrician, Mechanical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Chemist, Industrial Designer, Software Engineer