Industry Focus Area: Food and Fibre, New Energy, Advanced Manufacturing
Victorian Curriculum Links: Humanities – Geography, Personal and Social Capability, Critical and Creative Thinking
Technology Used: Drones, Virtual Reality, Laser Cutter
Year Level: Years 7 – 8
Duration: 1 Day
Level: Beginner
Max Students: 30


Geography is a subject that often brings yawns when mentioned. For many adults it causes flashbacks of memorising place names and learning to read maps. Students often approach the subject with a similar level of interest. However, geography is about much more than knowing where countries are located. The study is truly about using information to reach conclusions. Its about understanding why people move, what affects we are having on the planet, and the processes that led to our landscape. Most importantly, an understanding of geography is important across a wide range of careers. Politics, agriculture, tourism, environmental protection, and many more industries all required strong geographic knowledge.

Program Summary

This program focuses on engaging students in the study of geography and examining how technology can be used for geographic pursuits. Students will begin by looking at the difference between the traditional study of geography and how geography is studied now. They will then rotate through three geographic activities. In the first activity students will look at how virtual reality can be used to investigate geographic features and increase awareness of geographic challenges. They will also use an industrial laser to take topographic maps to a new level, and code drones to solve a real-world geographic challenge.

Taking part in this program, students will collaboratively:

  • Build topographic maps use a laser cutter
  • Code drones to solve a real-world challenge
  • Explore how virtual reality can be used to build geographic knowledge

Career Links:

Designers: Geologists, Draftspersons, Architects

Technologist: Programmers, Web designers

Informers: Economists, Teachers, Politicians