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Growing into the Future

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9 - 10


1 Day



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Course details

Growing into the Future

VICTORIAN CURRICULUM LINKS: Design and Technologies, Digital Technologies, Sustainability
TECHNOLOGY USED: Machine learning, Sensors, Alternative Growing Methods

Food security is a major concern throughout the world. The world was on track to eliminate hunger and malnutrition by 2030 but that has been set back due to the global pandemic.2 With this aim in mind, finding ways to use land effectively and sustainably, as well as making food production more efficient has never been more important. On a more local level, having access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food choices is a major factor that contributes to individual’s health and wellbeing. As urban areas expand, being able to produce food in smaller areas is also becoming increasingly important. Providing students with the skills and knowledge around food production and sustainability is important for securing our food into the future.

Program Summary
This program will expose students to two major areas of change in food production: automation in large-scale food production, and small-scale urban food production. Students will use machine learning, sensors, and robotics to automate elements of a large-scale farm with the aim of increasing the farm’s efficiency. They will also look at ways of growing fresh food in urban areas that they can implement at home or school. This will include learning about growing methods such as hydroponics, aquaponics, and wicking beds. Finally, students will investigate the possibility of using insects as an alternative, more sustainable protein source.
Taking part in this program, students will collaboratively:

  • Use machine learning and other sensor technology to automate elements of farming
  • Develop alternative growing methods for urban areas
  • Understand the importance of sustainability in food production and how to reduce and use waste

Career Links:
Agriculture, Manufacturing, Automation, Engineering