VICTORIAN CURRICULUM LINKS: Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capability

TECHNOLOGY USED: 3d Design, Electronics, Stop Motion



LEVEL: Beginner


Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook. These companies all started out as a simple idea and grew into a global phenomenon. They were able to do this for one simple reason; they identified and met the needs of a user group in a different way. Developing the ability to identify and meet these needs is a skill that can set students up for life.

How to become a millionaire will introduce students to the Design Thinking process with a focus on the Empathy and Define stages. By completing the program, students will understand how to identify a user group, create a persona, and develop a user journey map. This process will help students identify and define meaningful problems to solve, leading to the potential for developing successful business enterprises.

Program Summary

Students will begin by learning about the five stages of the design thinking process. After a general overview of the process, students will focus on the Empathy and Define stages of Design Thinking. Students will learn how to identify and profile user groups and to use the information to develop a persona; a fictional person who represents the group. Students will then map a typical day for this persona using a User Journey Map. This will enable students to identify opportunities and barriers for the persona and to use these to ideate solutions. Students will finish the day by rapidly prototyping their solutions and pitching their ideas for review and feedback.

Taking part in this program, students will collaboratively:

  • • Develop their understanding of and ability to use the Design Thinking process
  • • Develop user personas
  • • Develop user journey maps
  • • Identify opportunities and barriers around which they can develop business ideas

Career Links:

Design Thinking is being used across all industry areas. Developing these skills can help students in any future career they choose to pursue.