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How To Make A Difference

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9 - 10


1 Day



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Course details

How To Make A Difference

VICTORIAN CURRICULUM LINKS: Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capability
TECHNOLOGY USED: 3D Design, Electronics, Robotics, Makerspace Materials

Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook; well-known companies that all started out as a simple idea and grew into a global phenomenon. They were able to do this for one simple reason; they identified and met the needs of a user group in a way that was different from anything else that was available at the time. Whether you are looking to make your millions or change the world for good, developing the ability to identify and meet genuine user needs is a skill that can set students up for like. It is also a skillset that is used across all industry areas and can be used to start their own successful enterprise.

Program Summary
‘How To Make A Difference’ will introduce students to using the Design Thinking process to meet a user’s need. Through the program they will learn by doing as they solve an identified problem for a classmate, moving through the empathy, define, ideation, prototype, and testing stages of Design Thinking. Students will learn about how to build knowledge of a user through interviews and research and how to use this information to identify the key problem to address. They will be taught ways to generate a wide range of ideas and how to narrow these down practical solutions. They will learn the purpose and key elements of prototyping before presenting their solution back to their user for testing and feedback.

Taking part in this program, students will collaboratively:

  • Develop their understanding of and ability to use the Design Thinking process
  • Understand the importance of user centred design
  • Use rapid prototyping to develop and test solutions


Career Links:
Design Thinking is being used across all industry areas. Developing this skill can help students in any future career they choose to pursue.