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Make Me Safer

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Course details

Make Me Safer

VICTORIAN CURRICULUM LINKS: Digital Technologies, Critical & Creative Thinking, Personal & Social Capability
TECHNOLOGY USED: Robotics, CAD, Virtual Electronics Coding, Makerspace Materials

While workplace health and safety are always a priority for businesses, there are jobs that always come with an element of risk to the people undertaking them. Eliminating risks entirely is not always possible within a workplace, so planning ways to mitigate and reduce the risk becomes the priority. A knowledge of workplace OH&S and an ability to design solutions to these safety challenges are valuable skills desired by employers.

Program Summary
In this program, students will use the Design Thinking process to tackle a health and safety challenge from a local Gippsland industry. They will begin by learning about the industry and some of the challenges they face in their everyday work. They will then undertake a variety of masterclasses to build their skills to tackle these challenges. The final part of the day will see student’s prototyping solutions and pitching their ideas to make the workplace safer.

Taking part in this program, students will collaboratively:

  • Identify the safety risks posed in a Gippsland industry
  • Proposed, develop, and test a solution to reduce this risk
  • Pitch an idea


Career Links:
Designers: Electrical Engineer, Building Inspector, Product Tester
Technologists: Programmer, Software Engineer, Web Designer
Artisans: Machinery Operator, Farm Worker, Electrician