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A Sustainable Future

Year level

7 - 8


1 Day



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Course details

A Sustainable Future

INDUSTRY FOCUS AREA: New Energy, Advanced Manufacturing
VICTORIAN CURRICULUM LINKS: Science, Personal & Social Capability, Critical & Creative Thinking
TECHNOLOGY USED: STELR Housing Kits, FLIR cameras, Minecraft Edu

Globally, there is an increasing push for sustainability and environmental protection. To ensure a habitable future for our planet, we need to improve our focus on sustainability and use our resources in a way that protects and repairs the planet. Locally, homes across Australia currently use a vast number of resources on everyday heating and cooling. This leads to higher energy bills and a greater need for building more resource efficient homes. Using good design principles can save energy, water, and money, while creating more enjoyable and comfortable homes.

Program Summary
During the program, students will investigate principles of sustainability with a focus on house design. They will undertake experiments to investigate different insulation materials and their effects on a house’s efficiency. They will also investigate heat and cooling loss with the use of infrared (FLIR) cameras. To further build on this understanding, students will learn about a variety of other elements of sustainable housing design and put these into practice using Minecraft Edu. Students will conclude the day by bringing together their learning to create their ultimate sustainable housing design.

Taking part in this program, students will collaboratively:

  • Explore the importance of sustainability
  • Conduct experiments investigating principles of energy-efficient housing design
  • Design, build, and test a prototype


Career Links:
Artisans: machinery operators, electricians, carpenters
Designers: architects, product testers, draftspersons
Engineers: civil, construction, electrical