Course details

Intro to Sports Science

Year level

7 - 8


1 Day



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Course details

Intro to Sports Science

INDUSTRY FOCUS AREA: Sports Science, Exercise and Health sciences
VICTORIAN CURRICULUM LINKS: Health and Physical Education, Digital Technologies, Personal and Social Capability, Critical and Creative Thinking
TECHNOLOGY USED: VO2 Max Testing Equipment, Extended Realities (VR, AR, MR), Smart Speed Jump Mat, Xsens Motion Capture suit, Blazepods


The impact of advancing technology and innovation is changing how we train and play sport. In this program, students will explore how science and technology are impacting the sports and fitness industries. Through hands on activities, students will experience new ways to exercise and assess performance and understand the impact of new and developing technology on sport and exercise.

Program Summary

Students will use sensors to assess speed and jump height, test cardiorespiratory fitness using clinical VO2 max testing equipment, experience motion capture technology with the Xsens suit, and complete a workout in digital realities. Students will participate in a design sprint activity to learn about careers in Sports Science involving technology. Through the design thinking process, students will research and come up with ideas to solve real-world problems relating to sports, health, and fitness.
This program is designed as an introduction to new technologies relating to sport and exercise, and to increase awareness of careers in Sports Science.

Taking part in this program, students will collaboratively:

  • Explore how technology is influencing sports and exercise
  • Evaluate movement using motion capture technology and video analysis
  • Understand the data collected from sports science test such as a VO2 max test
  • Experience a workout using extended realities
  • Design a solution to a real-world problem presented by professionals working in Sports Science
  • Explore future education and career opportunities


Career Links:

Health professional, Sports Scientists, exercise professionals, data analysts, sports technologists